The Domus

During these past years, Habitat for Humanity Portugal, has developed considerably, but needs to grow in order to help more families and for that has to reinvent it's action being proactive, entrepreneur and visionary.

So, Habitat for Humanity Portugal dared to wage in the refit of a small property in the Palmeira(Braga) parish into a multifunction space where, finally, everything is going to be possible.

This space should open to public in April 2017 and it will increase the funds available and that way increase the number of families supported, allowing Habitat Portugal to take a step forward in an effort to add to its mission the creation of value in the community.

Domus will have several valences that match to the several necessities that we encounter in the challenge to accomplish our Mission

- It will be used to lodge the hundreds of international volunteers that we receive annually and that choose Portugal to develop their mission. By staying at Domus, they will contribute to the available funds destined to the growth of this cause in Portugal, insuring the sustainable future of this organization;

- In here we will have the so desired warehouse to keep the donated materials, that until now, and many times, we had to be rejected for the lack of space for its housing and storage.

- There will be a separated building that will allow to lodge temporally the families supported by Habitat for Humanity Portugal, in a stage where the construction doesn't allow the families to live there and the family needs to be temporally displaced.

- In a small outhouse will function the office/headquarters of Habitat Portugal

- This property will also be the stage of several partnerships with other organizations that dedicate their mission to help the less fortunate, some of them already outlined, since these entities, such as Habitat Portugal, struggle with enormous space limitations.

The Domus is a project started by Habitat for Humanity Portugal but that intends to aggregate the entire community and to serve as a catalyser for a long term change in our society.

It will be one more tool in our mission: “A world where everyone as a decent place to live!”


Habitat for Humanity Portugal
Habitat for Humanity Portugal vision: "A world where everyone has a decent place to live."
Convinced that housing is a fundamental human right, Habitat for Humaniy Portugal has already helped more than 300 people in Portugal since 1996 through the build or reconstruction of houses.
Habitat for Humanity Portugal seeks also to draw attention to the poverty housing problem through several initiatives.



Article 65

1. Everyone has the right for himself/herself and his/her family to have an adequately sized dwelling that provides hygienic and comfortable conditions and preserves personal and family privacy.

Constitution of the Portuguese Republic