The Alves family - The new project in Jazente (Amarante)

The Alves family is formed by Alice, 73 years old and her sun João (31). Alice has one more daughter, but she works as a truck driver and only comes home on the weekends.

The house where Alice and her sun live belongs to the family for many years since it was owned by the family of Alice husband, that unfortunately already passed away.

João did a training as a professional cook but he is currently out of job and the only income from this family is the retirement pension from Alice. The daughter, Antónia, also helps occasionally.

Alice is a person really cherished in all community and she is known for her huge generosity and for always have a smile on her face, even if she has a very difficult life.

The house of the Alves family suffers from several problems, from the leaking roof, the almost non-existent insulation, the bad shape of the plumbing and the bad condition of the electrical part.

This family knew about Habitat for Humanity Portugal through a neighbour, for Alice this is an absolute blessing, since she loves this house and to see it fixed means the world to her.

With the help of all and in partnership with the Alves family, Habitat for Humanity Portugal will be turn this dream into reality.

One more family in Amarante finished to pay their mortgage

After living more than 30 years in a house that belonged to the parents of Maria, the Capelas family call on Habitat for Humanity Portugal help to improve their living conditions, since for those 30 years they were not able to do any maintenance work on their house.

In a first stage, in 2011, Habitat for Humanity Portugal helped in the replacement of the roof and windows.

But we didn’t give our mission by complete, in 2012, and with the help of the Manuel António da Mota Foundation, Habitat for Humanity Portugal worked in solving the remaining problems of the house. This way, the Capelas family now has a decent and safe place to live.

The day where a family pays the total amount of the mortgage is always a special one. It is the end of a cycle, the bounds created with the family will remain for ever, not only the ones with Habitat for Humanity Portugal but also with all the ones who have contributed to make sure one more family has a decent place to live.

American Internacional School of The Hague in Portugal

For the first time, the Habitat for Humanity Portugal affiliate is hosting a team from the Netherlands.

A group of 14 volunteers, between teachers and students, from the American School of The Hague came to Portugal in order to help on the reconstruction of the house for the Lage family, in S. João de Rei – Póvoa de Lanhoso.

This team is formed by teachers and students from different nationalities and have arrived on the 26th of February, having their departure planned for the 4th of March.

The connection between this school and Habitat for Humanity comes from 2008, where a group of 10 students decided to start a clube in order to help the Habitat for Humanity New Orleans affiliate.
After one year, they were already more than 20 in the club, and, in 2010, they travelled to New Orleans where they worked on a local project.

This year they have chosen Habitat for Humanity Portugal as their destination, which make us very happy, since it is one more partnership it is created.

This team is already working on the site, where they will perform several tasks, like: removal of existing walls, putting cement on walls, filling the pillars and several other tasks.
We hope this will be the beginning of a new and long partnership between the American School of The Hague and Habitat for Humanity Portugal.


For more than 30 years, Mrs Maria Cristina has lived in Chorente, in a house that lacks the minimum living conditions.

In this house, she raised two children that emigrated to France looking for a better life, and to find a way to improve their mother’s housing conditions.

After struggling for many years, Mrs Maria found Habitat Portugal and, after a long process, we were finally able to create the conditions to pursue the project.

Mrs Maria works as a waitress in a local cafe and lives with Mr José, her companion, who is currently unemployed.

The main problems in the house are: bathroom without the minimum conditions, lack of isolation, deeply degraded electrical installation, roof leaks, floor in danger of falling, among other issues.

This will be a project of medium dimension, where Habitat Portugal will have as priority the house’s interior and roof, which are the most critical areas.

Both her children will help in the construction when they come to Portugal on their vacation, as well as providing financial support for the house’s mortgage.

After this intervention, the Fonseca family will be finally able to live in a decent house, where they will have the minimum hygiene and safety conditions.



This is without any doubt a special story, the story of the Maia family.

Lucinda, Josinda and Graça are three sisters who lived by themselves in a house that was once from their parents and the only source of income is Josinda’s retirement pension.

In spite of well taken care of, the house doesn’t have electricity, canalized water, nor a bathroom (it never had). The roof was another problem, had leaks and we feared that the tiles might flee under strong wind circumstances.

The three sisters are very kind, humble and generous and, although they don’t have many economic possibilities, last year they have welcomed a homeless man that was sleeping on the streets and living from begged money. They let him stay in the basement and feed him in exchange of work in the field where they grow different kinds of vegetables they need.

Lucinda took care of her mother that died from cancer and suffered from depression after her death. The three sisters always dreamed of having a house with minimum conditions to live. The request has arrived to us through a neighbor that also lends them some space in her refrigerator where the sisters keep some of their food.

This is a true generosity case, where, this family that as so little has, opened the doors of their house to host someone even more needed.

With the help of many volunteers, Habitat for Humanity Portugal, this family’s dream will be accomplished, giving them a safe and worthy house to live.

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